How Taking a Walk on the Wild Side is an Adventure with my Crochet Business

Taking a Walk on the Wild Side in my Personal Life

April 12th is “Take a Walk on Your Wild Side” Day. It made me stop and think about the times in my life that I have taken a walk on the wild side. It also had me reflecting on the times I have taken a walk on the wild side with my crochet business.

Being married to a military veteran, we have taken many different risks over the years, and most of them have paid off. Mostly, we have just prayed and listened to where God is leading us. Sometimes many people thought we were nuts.

I can think of one time in our personal life where my husband was being medically discharged from the military, and we got a call about whether we would like to adopt a baby. That turned out to be our youngest daughter Bella, now age 7 1/2.

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A Small History to How Creative Snugglies Began!

When I first started my crochet business, I made all kinds of things and tried to sell them at markets. It wasn’t till a couple of years later that my friend Rebecca Ann Ivy Gorrell, a local children’s author, had approached me about designing animals that would match the characters in her books.

I had met Rebecca at different markets we were attending. We became friends. She has become a very important person for me to go to bounce ideas off of. She helped me realize that if I focused in on a niche – amigurumi stuffed toys it would make a big difference. Whoa, was she right! It made a huge difference.

Here is a link to Rebecca’s House of Ivy Books on Amazon! Her books are amazing! Here we are together selling at a market in AR.

Rebecca Ann Ivy Gorrell – Children’s Book Author of The House of Ivy Books & Christina Ryan – Crochet Designer of Creative Snugglies.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side – It Really is an Actual Holiday

Date when celebrated – April 12th

“Walk on Your Wild Side Day encourages us to take a chance. It’s a call to the inner strength within you to do something out of your comfort zone.”

Walk on the Wild Side – Adventures with my Crochet Business

After moving to WA state, I did a few markets the first winter we were here. I had planned on doing some Farmer’s Markets here in WA state in the spring. Well, then Covid hit, and everything got cancelled.

I then tried to sell on Etsy some and put my focus there as a maker. I also tried to do some online craft shows. I had one good 10 bear order last winter. That was it mainly except for a few other small orders.

I knew with how Covid restrictions were going, I couldn’t do markets anymore. I have never been able to have anything on my face! I really have struggled with all of it since it began. So, I decided to change my crochet business. I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to come back and do some physical products.

In Janurary 2021, I decided to switch from product based to digital products. I decided to start designing my own crochet patterns, as well as start a crochet blog. It was a big change for me. I had always used someone else’s pattern. That was comfortable for me.

Switching over to designing my own patterns was definitely taking me out of my comfort zone. It challenges me to make something work and how to make it work. It also challenges me to think how to word something so someone can follow my directions in a pattern.

Within a month or two, I was hooked into designing. I then decided that I would only be designing instead of making as well. I realized when I thought back to being at home around Advent and the holidays, I really enjoyed it.

Designing will give me that flexibility that I need for my family life. Don’t get me wrong, I still spend a lot of time working but I get to move it around our family’s schedule and homeschooling. I love what I do. I am enjoying growing my crochet business as I go. I am very happy I chose to start designing!

Here is my very first design. It is simple because I started simple. I need to update it with safety eyes but this is my very first design. It helped me gain confidence in writing a pattern. You can read about my first pattern here on my blog.

You can also purchase the AD-free PDF here on Ravelry or Etsy.

My very first crochet design!

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