Crochet Blog Hops

What are Crochet Blog Hops?

Crochet Blog hops are a way for designers to collaborate together to offer free or discounted patterns. A designer chooses to host a blog hop. Other designers choose to participate. Most of the time blog hops feature a free PDF pattern for one day (24 hours) only.

How Do Blog Hops Work?

The host designer has a main post on their blog for the event. Each day they update their blog with the new feature designer of the day. They then have a link to the feature designer’s blog. By scrolling and reading their blog to get the code for that day, you are helping that designer get paid through ads. The more people that view their page helps them make money to support giving free patterns away. It helps their family. They are able to apply for the next tier of ad revenue. The featured designer that day has a post that links up to the host designer’s blog post. So all designers are helping each other during a blog hop to have their blog seen by sharing. Even the featured designer for the day is trying to make ad revenue and make it to the next tier.

Just a quick FYI, this post may contain affiliate links. View my disclosure policy here for the details. Fair Warning, it is long and boring, but it does the trick!

How Can You Help as a Subscriber?

The best way you can help as a subscriber on our blog or on social media is to share the blog links to the blog pages. When people share the blog links, you are helping the designer make a little bit of money to recoup what they are losing in giving away a free pattern. I know as a new designer how much work I put into my designs. Nothing in life is free – NOTHING! You will pay either from reading and scrolling through ads/affiliate links or by paying for a pattern. Either way, as designers we are trying to give good content to our people, as well as trying to support our family. This helps us stay at home with the kids but still contribute financially.

I decided to do this post after seeing what has happened during my friend’s blog hop that I have participated in this month. People have been skipping the blog post links and only sharing code and link to Ravelry in Social Media. This has made my heart really sad because of all the work all of our designers have put in especially the host.

I enjoy working and collaborating with other designers. I enjoy giving you excellent content. Not all my patterns can be free! All I ask is please make sure when you share the content, you are sharing the blog post link either copying and pasting the link or sharing what I have or others share with the blog post link that takes you to the blog post. Please don’t ever share the Ravelry code on social media with a direct link to Ravelry. This hurts other designers and myself. It is a form of stealing. And honestly, it is shady and not good to do.

I got approved for the lowest tier for ad revenue after I participated in Springtime Crochet Blog Hop hosted by Crochets by Trista. I am thankful for that. I am wanting to work towards their next tier for ad revenue which will pay me more when people come to my website/blog. Please help me do that with the future blog hops coming up! I am participating in 2 new ones in April. Help me and other designers be able to provide free content in the future with blog hops. Without everyone’s help, it will be more difficult to keep doing blog hops.

Again, thank you for supporting our dream here at Creative Snugglies Designs and helping us bring great content to you! Have a blessed weekend.

Until next time, thank you for your support and reading!


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