Cute Amigurumi Patterns

If you have been following me the first part of May on social media and also my email list, you would have seen and hopefully had the chance to get the premium PDF patterns for free each day. Although the blog hop is over as well as getting these patterns at a huge discount through a bundle, you can still visit each of their pages and buy the premium versions which is why I wanted to do a round up post featuring each of these amigurumi patterns and where you can still find and buy them.

Joy from Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts graciously hosted this wonderful event! I was so blessed to collaborate with all these amazing amigurumi designers.

Just a quick FYI, this post may contain affiliate links. View my disclosure policy here for the details. Fair Warning, it is long and boring, but it does the trick!
  1. Steph the Sporty Strawberry designed by Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts: Summer! It is time for outdoor and sport activities! Keep this tiny sporty strawberry to remind you to workout everyday! Be happy, be healthy!
  2. Sunflower in Flower Pot designed by Roxy’s Crochet: (Almost) no sew pattern. All the parts of the flower are crocheted in one piece, except for the leafs, they are sewn on at the end. The sunflower comes with roots, soil and a flower pot. Perfect for kids to play plant potting with!
  3. Lacy Owl designed by Made by Gootie: She created this pattern as a gift for a dear friend who was expecting a baby girl. My friend really loves owls, so I knew I’m going to make her an amigurumi owl. This pattern is easy and great for beginners. I also added some lace in the wings, I wanted to create some texture and color change, to make the owl more interesting and appealing for the baby.
  4. Bella the Butterfly Rattle designed by Chai Coffee Crochet: Celebrate summer with Bella the Butterfly! This butterfly rattle is quick and easy to make and is oh so cute. The pattern is suitable for beginners and makes for an adorable last-minute baby shower gift.
  5. Leo Lion designed by CrochetWizzardd: This lovely lion is the perfect summer buddy for all of your summer adventures. He’s just waiting for your to take him on an adventure! Let’s go!
  6. Sebastian the Crab designed by Octopus Crochet: This happy little guy will bring summer vibes in an instant! Perfect project to complete your sea world amigurumi collection, or just make you smile every morning if like me you like having some cool crochet folks sitting on your desk! It also makes a super cool birth gift, it will bring joy to the baby room and it’s easy to grab for adorable tiny hands… Detailed pattern with step by step pictures, intermediate to advanced level.
  1. Sea Otters designed by Curious Papaya: Have you seen anything more adorable than a pair of cuties OTTERLY in love? This is a perfect project for crocheters of all levels! Check out this Summer lovin’ pattern.
  2. Mini Unicorn Floatie Amigurumi designed by Wayward Pineapple Creations: Who doesn’t love relaxing on a unicorn floatie as you soak in the rays on a warm summer day? Unfortunately this unicorn floatie isn’t big enough to bring on your next beach holiday, but she is still pretty darned cute I think!
  3. Sunny Day Keychain designed by Stitch by Fay: The Sunny Day Keychain is sure to bring a smile to your face! Super quick and easy pattern to brighten your day.
  4. Bunny designed by Blue Star Crochet Company: If you are an amigurumi lover but hate the sewing together part, this is the pattern for you. NO SEW amigurumi bunny pattern that is worked all in one piece from bottom to top. The pattern includes instruction on how to crochet the whole bunny, how to strengthen the neck so you do not have a floppy head and the pattern for the cute little jumper.
  5. Miles the Jazzy Elephant designed by My Fingers Fly: Meet Miles the Jazzy Elephant who loves to blow his trunk like a trumpet. With a jaunty beret on his head and cool shades, he’s the jazziest elephant in town.
  6. Krystal the Crab designed by Crafting at the Poole: Krystal is a cheery little thing; not at all what you would expect from one of her species! She’s very friendly and not shy at all. She’ll walk right up to you and try to shake your hand! Some people run away when they see her, but she doesn’t let that bother her. She is easy and fast to make, only about 2 hours!
  7. Amigurumi Bee designed by Raffamusa Designs: Summer, summer… Lots of sun, flowers, and honey to be made. Bees have never been busier. But after a long day of work, this happy little bee is finally enjoying some rest & crochet! Are you ready to join the party for some summer crochet? Get your hooks ready and crochet on!
  8. Baby Mermaid designed by Sweet Softies: The Baby Mermaid is an adorable, little doll that is quick and easy to crochet! Minimal sewing is required, as her head and body are crocheted in one piece with separate arms and hair cap. She makes a lovely gift for little girls or children who love magical fantasy and sea creatures!
  9. Daisy Mae Piggy designed by Meow Amigurumi: If you are the fan of animal crossing, this is the pattern for you. Lets enjoy this pattern.
  10. Grace the Narwhal Family designed by Creative Snugglies (me): Meet Grace the Narwhal Family. You can make all 3 different sizes which includes a mom, dad, and a baby narwhal! It is an easy and quick pattern to whip up. Any child would enjoy this unicorn of the sea animal.

I hope you enjoy all these cute amigurumi patterns! I hope this gets your summer started off well.

Happy Crocheting!


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