My Favorite 3 Types of Crochet Stitch Markers

There are many different kinds of stitch markers out there you can use. As a crochet amigurumi designer, I use stitch markers all the time. I have come across stitch markers that I didn’t care for as well as stitch markers that I fell in love with and enjoy using everyday.

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How to Use Stitch Markers in Crochet

I would like to take some time today to share with you the different ways I use them. When I crochet amigurumi, I work in continuous rounds without joining. The stitch markers hold my place so I know when a new round begins.

Another way I use stitch markers, is to count how many rounds/rows I am doing. So if I am repeating a certain round/row a certain amount of times, I use the stitch markers to help me know how many I am doing.

When I make the lovey blankets, I use them to help me count how many stitches I have after it gets to be quite a large amount. I usually do it in twenties or fifties. You could use them when you have to do 100 or 200 chains as well by breaking them into fifties.

My Favorite Crochet Stitch Markers

I have had my share of good stitch markers and some bad stitch markers over the years. I want to share with you the ones I have found that work best for me, and the ones I recommend. I don’t use any fancy stitch markers. I prefer practicality over fancy.

These quick locking stitch markers from Hobby Lobby are some of the best stitch markers I have used. They are one of my favorites because of how flexible they are. They are easy to lock and unlock. They have not snagged any of my yarn when I use these stitch markers. They are a reasonable price of $6.99

I have always been a fan of anything Clover makes. These crochet stitch markers from Michaels do not disappoint. They easily and quickly lock and unlock. I would consider these some of the best stitch markers I have used. They have a medium size and also a large size.

Medium size is $6.99

Large Size is $6.99

There you have it my 3 favorite stitch markers to use. I have many others but those are my favorite. You may have noticed at the top of the page a picture of my stitch markers. I keep them in a small crocheted basket which was made by my crochet maker friend Julie Dales of J2Craftworks LLC. This has kept my stitch markers easily accessible as well as not all over the house getting lost. I am able to take them in any room and anywhere I go.

Julie has amazing products so please go check out her website. I plan to do another blog post featuring the items I have from her that help my creative space stay as tidy as possible!

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