Special People Who Touched my Heart at Craft Shows

Children Who Touched my Heart Deeply

At each event I attended, there would be times where certain children touched my heart deeply. Children would sometimes linger and try every toy. And even when they knew which type of toy they wanted, then they would need to decide which exact toy they wanted because each one was different.

Before my designing journey, I made and sold things at craft fairs or vendor shows. I always enjoyed meeting other vendors, customers, etc. I got to see first hand sometimes the joy my amigurumi brought to other people especially children.

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You see each dinosaur, airplane, mermaid, doll, and the list goes on was different even if it had the same colors or different colors. So each child needed to see which toy was best for them.

When the child picked out their favorite toy and paid for it, I would see them playing with it through the whole building while mom, dad, or grandma continued shopping.

Sometimes a child would have their own money to buy what they wanted, which happened about once per show. I would work with them even if I needed to lower the price some which I did because they touched my heart and my soul. These were always some of my favorite moments when I look back.

Grandparents Who Touched My Soul

Grandparents were also some of my special encounters. They were always looking for that unique, one of kind gift for their grandbabies especially new babies coming! I always loved knowing that my toys were going to bring joy to people’s grandchildren. I also enjoyed being a part of someone’s baby shower present.

All of these moments have touched my heart in such a special way. These moments will be the things I will miss most with not attending events anymore.

I do look forward to knowing my designs that I create and write will be bringing joy to families and friends in the future.

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