pig crochet along free crochet pattern

Welcome to the fourth and final week of the CAL.  If you missed the last couple of weeks, you can click here to head to the round up post for each week.  This week, we will be bringing our pig to life.

This week, I will NOT be going live since I have not seen any participation happening the CAL group.

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This pattern is available for sale! By purchasing the pattern, you receive an easy print template of the pattern with step-by-step easy directions and photo tutorials, and it stays in your Ravelry library and your Etsy downloads to download as many times as you want to.

tester photo sooey the pig crochet along free crochet pattern
Tester Photo – A Crochet Pattern by: Christina Ryan

Today, you will only need a yarn needle and scissors.

Pattern Instructions


Sew Body to head using tail from the body.

Sew Snout from Rounds 9-14 in the middle from the eyes.

Sew Ears from Rnds 2-10 on either side of the head. 

Sew Arms onto last Rnd of the body between Head and Body on each side.

Sew Legs from Rnds 2-6 of the body on either side.

Sew on tail on round 5 of the body on the back.

Congrats you have made a beautiful pig amigurumi.  I want to thank my testers.  Check out my round up post to see their pictures.

pig amigurumi crochet along free crochet pattern
A Crochet Pattern by: Christina Ryan

Original Design by Christina Ryan

Thank you for choosing Creative Snugglies Designs.  You are welcome to use this pattern to create and sell items created by you. If you sell your items online, please include a link back to my shop.  This pattern and the photographs, that I provided for your convenience, are my intellectual property.  They are protected by copyright and may not be used in any form.  You may not share, copy, reproduce, sell, or alter this pattern and claim it as your own.  

I would LOVE to see your creations so please share your finished work!  I have included links to my social media and store pages.  When you share your creations, please hashtag with #CreativeSnuggliesDesigns or #CreativeSnugglies and tag me so I can find your work!  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at CreativeSnugglies@gmail.com and I will help you with the pattern.

Thank you for joining me today and for this CAL. I hope you have enjoyed the CAL project!

Happy Crocheting!


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