Spring Teddy Bear CAL – Part 7

Welcome back for Part 7 of the Teddy CAL! Today we are finishing up our teddies! Thank you for joining for this Crochet Along! If you missed any of the other parts, then click here to main CAL round up page. I have decided not to go live anymore unless someone posts a question or I want to show you a certain type of stitch. Please come over to Creative Snugglies Designs Facebook Community to share your photos and ask any questions you may have. I always love seeing people’s photos of their project.

A Crochet Pattern by: Christina Ryan

Materials Needed for Part 7

You will only need a yarn needle and maybe some extra yarn to sew pieces together.

Assembly Instructions:

Pull the dress over the body lining up the stitches of the last round of body and the first round of the dress pulling tail of the body out.

Attach arms where the dress starts under the head on each side round 1 and 2 of the dress using picture as a guide.

Attach legs on each side of the bottom of the body between rounds 2-6 approximately using the picture as a guide.

Congrats you have made a lovely Spring Bear! Thank you for joining me for this Crochet Along! Please come share your pictures of your teddy in my CAL group!

A Crochet Pattern by: Christina Ryan

Happy Crocheting!


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