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As I was coming up with ideas for the keychain blog hop, the unicorn keychain was one of the first ideas I came up with. As you know, we have quite a few unicorn patterns out there. My daughter Bella loves unicorns so of course I had to make a unicorn keychain for her to put on her backpack as we head back to our homeschool coop on Mondays.

This is a super fun and easy pattern that works up in about 30 minutes or less. This pattern is a beginner-friendly pattern with photo tutorials in the PDF version of the pattern. This would be a fun addition to any backpack for anyone who loves unicorns!

The unicorn keychain pattern is the featured pattern for Day 16 of the Back to School Keychain Blog Hop hosted by yours truly! There is more information later down on the page. This pattern will remain free on my blog forever! You can always purchase the PDF version which includes photo tutorials anytime for a small fee.


35 yards, Worsted Size 4, I Love This Yarn Solids 7 oz/199 grams, 355 yards/325 meters in White.

10 yards, Worsted Size 4, I Love This Yarn Solids 7 oz/199 grams, 355 yards/325 meters in Yellow.

20 yards, Worsted Size 4, I Love This Yarn Metallic 5 oz/142 grams, 252 yards/230 meters in Jeallybean

Hook:  US E/4 3.5 mm 


Yarn needle to weave in ends


Keyring Split 1 inch

Experience Level: Beginner


14.5 sts x 14.5 rows = 4” x 4” 

Pattern used for Gauge – SC


Approximately 2.5” x 1.5” x 3”

Pattern Key:

SC – Single Crochet

Sc2tog – Single crochet decrease

Sl st – Slip Stitch

FO – Finish Off

St/sts – Stitch/Stitches

Ch – Chain

Rnd(s) – Round(s)

MC – Magic Circle

Color A – White

Color B – Yellow

Color C – Jellybean


  • Read through the entire pattern first.
  • All parts are done in continuous rounds unless told otherwise.  Do NOT join while making each of them.  Use stitch markers to know where your first stitch in the round is.
  • Sl St does not count as a stitch throughout the pattern.
  • Repeat stitches between * and * around.
  • Alternative to MC – Ch 2; work number of  SC specified in the 2nd chain from the hook.

Pattern Instructions:

Unicorn Head – Worked in Continuous Rounds

Rnd 1:  Using Color A, create MC; 6 SC in MC.  (6 sts)

Rnd 2:  2 SC in each st around.  (12 sts)

Rnd 3:  *SC in the next st; 2 SC in the next st.*  Repeat around.  (18 sts)

Rnds 4-6:  SC in each st around.  (18 sts)  (3 rounds total)

Rnd 7:  *SC in the next st; sc2tog.*  Repeat around.  (12 sts)

****Stuff firmly.****

Rnd 8:  sc2tog around.  Sl st to the next st to FO with a 2” tail.   (6 sts)

Weave in and out front loops to close the hole.  Hide tail.

Horn: Worked in Continuous Rounds

Rnd 1:  Using Color B, create MC; 4 SC in MC.  (4 sts)

Rnd 2:  SC in each st around.  (4 sts)

Rnd 3:  *SC in the next st; 2 SC in the next st.*  Repeat around.  (6 sts)

Rnd 4:  SC in each st around.  (6 sts)

Rnd 5:  *SC in the next 2 sts; 2 SC in the next st.*  Repeat around.  (8 sts)

Rnd 6:  SC in each st around.  Sl st in the next st to FO with a 6” tail to sew to head.

****Stuff slightly.****

Ears: Make 2

Row 1:  Starting with Color A and a long tail, ch 3, SC in 2nd ch from the hook; SC in the next ch.  Turn.  (2 sts)

Row 2:  Ch 1; SC in the first st; SC in the next st.  Turn.  (2 sts)

Row 3:  Ch 1; sc2tog.  Turn.  (1 st)

Row 4:  Ch 1; SC in that same st.  FO and weave in end.

Mane: Make 4

Using Color C, ch 8; 2 SC in the 2nd ch from the hook and in each of the remaining chains across.  FO with a 6” tail. 


Sew the horn on the top of the head in the center.  Sew the ears one on either side of the horn.  Using a strand of yarn, sew the eyes on from 3 rounds down from horn with 2 stitches between them.  Use the picture as a guide.  Sew the mane on the head.  I put one each between the ears and horn on both sides.  I then sewed the other 2 on behind the horn.

Congrats you have made a beautiful unicorn keychain to take with you!

Original Design by Christina Ryan

Thank you for choosing Creative Snugglies Designs.  You are welcome to use this pattern to create and sell items created by you. If you sell your items online, please include a link back to my shop.  This pattern and the photographs, that I provided for your convenience, are my intellectual property.  They are protected by copyright and may not be used in any form.  You may not share, copy, reproduce, sell, or alter this pattern and claim it as your own.  

I would LOVE to see your creations so please share your finished work!  I have included links to my social media and store pages.  When you share your creations, please hashtag with #CreativeSnuggliesDesigns or #CreativeSnugglies and tag me so I can find your work!  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at CreativeSnugglies@gmail.com and I will help you with the pattern.

Testers Photos

I want to thank one of my testers Debra Gibson for testing this pattern. I love the colors she chose!

I want to thank another tester whose ravelry name is babciabluff! Her unicorn keychain turned out just as adorable as well.

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Hope you enjoy the pattern! Have a great Monday!


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